Hospitality marketing: Help hotels get more direct bookings

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After you complete this course you’ll be able to: 1. Understand how the hospitality industry works and spot opportunities. 2. Sell your services to work with hotels as a freelancer, through up-front fees or on commission. 3. Set up a direct marketing system and automate distribution through affiliates. 4. Run financial reports to prove your Return on Investment (ROI). 5. Approach associations and offer your client/hotel as a venue to earn even more commissions and define yourself as a business partner. 6. Set up a 12-month road map that will allow you to manage more than 1 hotel at a time. 7. Earn the title of ‘direct booking strategist’.

This course gives you insight into the hospitality industry as well as all the technical skills you need to set up direct response inspired campaigns for independent hotels.

Based on the book, 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days, which you can browse on Amazon, this course gives you a system for tracking reservation revenue from anywhere on the web so you can claim a commission on every booking you help hotels generate.  And since hotels are paying sky high commissions of 15%-25%, even 30% to 3rd parties like Booking dot com and Expedia these days, that means that you can easily ask 5%-10% or 15% of top-line revenue for your marketing efforts.  And, best of all, since you own the rights to your marketing assets, that means that you can do the work once and create passive income streams for as long as a hotel is getting business through your channels.

But that’s just the beginning.  This system is all about setting yourself up as a hotel’s business partner.  You’re going to have to watch the intro video to learn exactly what a Direct Booking Strategist is all about.

But please note: The introductory price for this course is just $5 (for the first 10 students).  But, as we pass the 50,100,200 student mark… the price goes up by $5 or $10, so be sure to reserve your spot early so you can save some cash!

Qual è il pubblico target?

  • People that are already working in a hotel, even if it’s in the café. The concepts that you’re going to learn in this course will make your DOSM (Director of Sales and Marketing) sit up and take notice.
  • People who have a lot of business connections in the community. This will make setting up your affiliate network an easy task.
  • People who are good at creating fun, engaging content, on-line. Your portfolio will make it easy to sell the idea of ‘helping a prospective hotel with their marketing’.
  • Anyone who is very ROI focused. Your skill of balancing earnings against spending will help you fine-tune your strategies over time.
  • Copywriters. If you have a passion for writing enticing headlines and persuasive stories, you’ll enjoy a lot of the projects in this program.
  • Direct marketers. You’ll take one look at this system and say, “Direct Response = Direct Bookings, Duh!” That means you will recognize this system like an old friend.



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