Youtube Vlogging: Secrets of Youtube Success

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Cosa imparerò?

  • Create a Youtube channel from scratch
  • Work with brands on paid sponsorship campaigns
  • Learn about camera skills, editing, equipment and technical aspects
  • Create beautiful thumbnails, eye catching titles, and detailed descriptions
  • Master social media, video tagging, and affiliate links
  • Choose from a whole range of income generating options
  • Find copyright free music

Youtube Vlogging – A Practical Guide from A-Z of Being Successful on Youtube

Following on from my hugely successful Fashion Blogging Udemy course, welcome to my New Youtube Vlogging Course! I am a professional fashion blogger and vlogger, and in this course I will guide you through everything you need to know to create and build you own successful Youtube Channel. We’ll cover vlogging topics relevant to fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel, and take a realistic look at how to build a Youtube on a budget with absolutely no technical knowledge.

If you’re considering vlogging as a hobby, or a career, this course is for you. It’s going to be a comprehensive A-Z cover the end goal of monetisation techniques, but also all the 101 Basics about building a page, editing, choosing camera, photography skills, designing thumbnails, and much much more.

Vlogging is huge amounts of fun and can be as big or small commitment as you choose. I’m so excited to teach you all about becoming a vlogger and sharing my passion with you!

After taking this course you will:

  • Have your own fully fledged functional Youtube Channel
  • Know which cameras, lenses, lighting, and equipment can help you on your vlogging journey
  • Build Youtube subscribers and work with big name brands
  • Master creating an engaging and creative Youtube video
  • Work part time, or full time, as a Youtuber
  • Do beautiful video editing that keep viewers coming back
  • Be connected to a worldwide community of brands, vloggers and readers
  • Understand SEO and Youtube Tags and know how to rapidly improve your viewing stats
  • Successfully design, build and update your own Channel Page from scratch
  • Choose a great Youtube name and niche that’ll last you for a lifetime

Whether it’s gaming, business, travel, or beauty you’re passionate about, this course will give you everything you need to be a success. Take this course today, and begin your journey to having a full fledged Youtube Vlogging career!

Qual è il pubblico target?

  • Someone looking to create a successful Youtube channel for a part time or full time income
  • People with a blog or hobby who want to convert it to a Youtube Channel
  • Anyone who already has a Youtube Channel but isn’t seeing the success or growth they’d hoped for



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