Start your own Tourism Business – Beginners Course

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Cosa imparerò?

  • You will get assistance to do your own market research (a downloadable template will be provided)
  • You get a workbook (which can be downloaded)
  • You will understand what Tourism is.
  • You will be able to identify business opportunities in Tourism
  • You will be able to link tourism products to target markets
  • You will be able to analyze your local Tourism market and industry
  • You will be able to develop a competitive tourism product

This course aims to increase you knowledge of tourism and help you to start your own tourism business. You will be able to understand why tourism is called the “new gold” and identify the business opportunities in tourism. Amongst others, you will learn about the different types of tourists, the tourist economy and entrepreneurship within tourism.. Go from “zero” to tourism “hero” in no time. Enroll Now!

Course Overview

According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism contributes 5% of the world’s GDP. It accounts for 6% of the world’s exports in services and is responsible for 235 million jobs or one in every 12 jobs, worldwide. Tourism is definitely the “new gold”.

This course has been designed as a jump-start for you to comfortable get into the tourism industry and get your fair share of this “new gold”.

At the end of this course you will be able to confidently decide to start you tourism business (or not), you will have a full understanding of the tourism industry, all the roll players in the industry, the business opportunities available in the tourism industry as well as having a list of business ideas, which will be ready to be implemented to make you a lot of money.

The course will  be presented by using a mixture of power point presentations as well as high quality personal video presentations. This method is great for communicating and sharing on-line training programs. In this way you will also benefit from having a “teacher” in front of you and follow the slide presentation.

Not only will we cover details relating to the tourism industry but we will also look at real life tourism examples in the area, where you reside. Together we will explore the tourism gaps, resources and opportunities in your local area. You will develop a full understanding of the benefits of tourism and be able to make an informed decision about starting your own tourism business. You will be guided through the entire course, step-by-step.

The ideal student for this course is anyone (employed or not) who wants to expand on their current skills or entrepreneurs who wants to start their own business in tourism. There are no requirements necessary to enroll.

We will cover the following course content, what is a tourist?, the tourist market, the tourism economy, entrepreneurship, developing a tourism business idea, exploring a local area, role players in tourism, tourism business support and skills development, ENROLL NOW!

Qual è il pubblico target?

  • Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about tourism
  • Anyone who wants to expand on their current skills and looking for better employment opportunities
  • Anyone interested in starting their own business and becoming self employed
  • Anyone interested in a career or business in tourism
  • Anyone interested in profiting from tourism as the “new gold”

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Corso in lingua inglese


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11 risorse supplementari
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