Hotel Management – Hotel Marketing Strategies

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At the end of my course, you will be able to increase your occupancy rate, gain regular guests, obtain awesome feedback for your Hotel, B&B, Motel, Apartment, employ the right staff, choose the right channel manager to save a lot of time. In additional, you will receive many different gadgets to increase the value of your hotel, rooms and reception. Your guests will love you even before they get to know you at Check-In. Furthermore, they will automatically recommend you to their family, colleagues and friends without you being pushy.

This course is made for newbieshotel ownershotel managers and for everyone who is interestedin hotel business. In this course you gain the knowledge

  • How to set up a hotel for success
  • What you have to do to make the hotel visible on the market
  • How to make your guests love your services
  • How to increase your direct-bookings
  • How to increase your occupancy rate
  • How to increase your sales
  • How to receive awesome online feedbacks
  • How to be on the top of OTAs
  • How to impress your guests even before they arrived at your hotel
  • How to check a room
  • How to do a perfect check-in/out
  • How to stay in touch with your guests

There is so much input you will obtain as soon as you join my course.

You will learn everything you need to know to manage your own hotel. I am a crosswalker. I’ve studied business management, marketing and finance. I haven’t studied anything to do with the hospitality industry. The only experience I’ve had with hotels has come from being a guest to hotels myself. When I opened my first hotel, I immediately received great feedback and I even gained regular guests from day one. During the time I made changes, implemented strategies, tried new tools and sooner or later figured out what was really necessary to succeed in the complex and tough business. I guess I see issues from a different perspective and I like to come up with solutions that are really not common at all. With my own implemented strategies and tools, I am now able to expand.

Qual è il pubblico target?

  • If you are a Hotel Owner, General Hotel Manager or you are planning to open your first hotel, even if you just want to know what a hotel is all about, then my course is definitely for you.



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